Overview Health and Fitness

Applications in Sports and Martial Arts Training*


The swimming action is empowered, bilateral balance is given to the stroke and there is an increase in muscular endurance. The effect of the exercises in swimming is very significant.


The exercises develop power and muscular endurance in the forehand and backhand actions. Stability and flexibility helps court manoeuvres. The effect is significant. There is also the possibility of developing bilateral racquet handling.


Improved transfer of power into the pedaling action, bilateral balance of pedaling action and saddle position, power in out-of-the-saddle efforts whether sprinting or climbing, improved bike handling, and delay of the onset of fatigue on long rides. Particularly noticeable in off-road riding where extra bike control is required

Rock Climbing

Improved grip and rock holding, range and stability in difficult positions. Helps develop finger, hand and grip strength away from the wall or rock. Grip strength developed through using these exercises is more effective than that built through squeezing type exercises.

Snooker, Billiards and Pool

Firmer stance and delayed onset of fatigue during long matches. improved stability in the bridge hand and empowered cueing action.


More powerful swing with better stability and range. Better stamina and reduced fatigue.

Martial Arts

Grip strength, tonic strength, core strength and muscular endurance help improve holds, centering, stability and range. Grappling, stick and staff skills, nunchaku and projectile skills are all assisted. The rods are not intended to be used for sparring. Mental focus and toughness are also developed. Helps develop self-control, stamina, and mental strength.


Javelin throwing action is empowered and better coordinated. Improved reach and mid-section strength. One routine in particular is excellent for Javelin. This requires special description and is not included in the manual, but is available upon request.

* More research is required to characterise the effects of the exercises in more detail.