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Reviews for the Metal Rod Exercises

Anna Komissarov, Moscow

"Excellent routines that are very well composed. They works well for the basic stability and the endurance. Great. My English not so good, pictures in book very clear to follow."  Edit

Will Peterson, Oslo

"Great for tennis. Improves grip and core. Good book, well written and clearly explains. I am now using my third rod. Classes would be useful."  Edit

David Lang, Montanuniversitat Leoben

"I really enjoyed the book, found it very well illustrated and the exercises well explained. The principle is sound and the book offers a good foundation for anyone wanting to train with a metal rod. Clearly this is an excellent technique for developing core stability. Very interesting."  Edit

Alex Mylon, Semi-Pro Boxer for 10 years

"Found the exercises very good for building grip strength. I box and wanted a different training for power. Interesting and new approach. Book is clear and detailed. Recommended."  Edit

John Jorgensen, California

"This is a very professionally written book that is obviously based on extensive thought and experience."  Edit

John Evans, Head Teacher, Battodo Fudokan Dojo, London

"... a very thorough job - it is unusual to find a successful fusion of traditional Oriental and modern Western knowledge. I particularly like the emphasis on personal exploration and experimentation. This requires a combination of sensitivity, responsiveness and systematic analytical application which is very rare in any sphere never mind the world of martial arts"  Edit

Daren Smith, Senior Tennis Training Coach, Gosling Park

"The exercises are obviously effective for building strength and the book is a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in tennis or sport and strength training in general."  Edit

Dan Docherty, Tai Chi Chuan & Internal Arts Magazine, Summer 2005

"This unusual little book.. could be beneficial for those who do indeed want to increase their physical strength. Obviously a labour of love, Whitmore has spent a lot of time, not only working with his unique training system, but also lovingly putting his texts together. The material is basically but clearly presented. If strength building is of interest to you I'm sure you will gain considerably from your investment. "  Edit

20th August 2005
Paul Reid, Freelance Technical Author

"The book is very well written with great care throughout. The exercises are clearly presented with good quality photographs and lucid descriptions. The general manner of the work is unassuming and clean. There are a number of very interesting articles on a range of relevant matters including nutrition and the psychology of training. "  Edit

12th June 2005
Quincy Rabot, Chief Instructor, The Jing Song Academy of Internal Martial Arts

"This is an excellent book and I believe that the exercises described are a valuable contribution to the field of health and fitness. Highly recommended."  Edit

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